"Tomorrow will come too soon and yesterday will fall quickly behind, but no regret will be begotten from words spoken in haste from love." -- Helnesy, Awakening (Crystals of Syre book 1)

Welcome to the Characters page!

Lindsey Cowherd's books are filled with a lot of diverse characters, so she wished to showcase them here from her notes on the books. Crystals of Syre is first, with a very long section of its many characters.

"Assassins' Guild" is after that then "A Colorado Cowboy Romance Stories" characters are last.

Note: this page is still undergoing construction. If there is a character(s) you have a particular interest in knowing more about, don't hesitate to contact Lindsey via the Author Contact on the Home page.

Other note: Lindsey has searched the web for drawings/pictures of people that are close to how she imagines the characters from her books to be. She does not own the copywrite to these images and does not take credit for them as her own; they are only for reference. Fans of the books are welcome to submit their own works for inclusion into these character bios and are encouraged to. In the perfect world, the author would be an artist, too, and could draw-to-life what she imagines.

Crystals of Syre

...there was a legend of eight Stones of Power that had been created to save the kingdoms of Syre...

Crystal Kingdom

Royal House: Starkindlers

Current king/queen: Lanar and Lestial

Offspring: Lance, Page, Zeek, Zerra

Crystal Kingdom is known for its hardy, mountain-born people. The Royal family makes most of its profits off of its horse breeding and war-stock, especially the prized stallion Valed Darkness.

Stone of Power: Ravel

Obelisk(s): Rast'enn

King Lanar

Age: 53 Height: 5'11" (180.34 cm) Born: middle of Flowering Time, 49 SC

Not much is mentioned of the king in the books, as he dies shortly into Awakening (book 1). He was a warrior-king and spent much time on the front lines of the Crystal Kingdom fighting the maunstorz. He married Lestial (a Crystine soldier's daughter) at the age of seventeen and they raised four children.

Prince Lance Starkindler

Eldest of the Starkindler offspring

Age (book 1, 102 SC): 19 years old

Height: 5'10" (177.80 cm) Born: end of Harvest-Gathering Time 83 SC

Known as a genius strategist, along with his friend, Prince Al'den Maushelik of Staria

...content to be continued as he reappears in later books...

 Page Starkindler (middle son)

Age (book 1, 102 SC): 17 Height: 5'7" (170.18 cm) Born: start of Flowering Time 85 SC          ***Spoiler alert***

He dies from injures sustained in the maunstorz' invasion of the Crystal Kingdom in 102 SC and does not appear in the series beyond the prologue of Awakening.

Prince Zeek Starkindler

Youngest son of Starkindlers; wielder of Ravel (Crystal Stone of Power). Age (book 2, 110 SC): 23 Height: 5'10" (177.80 cm) Born: end of Deep Snow 87 SC

Dark featured like his father (and unlike his other brothers) Zeek was seen as the "black sheep" of the family, though he was anything but odd. He was a very sweet and accommodating youth. In "Revelation", it is revealed that he is the wielder of Ravel but sides with the maustorz, especially their leader Zephthaniel. His motives of this have yet to be revealed (look for them in book 3, Ancestry)

Princess Zerra Starkindler

Youngest of siblings. Age (book 1, 102 SC): 13 Height: 5'2" (157.48) Born: 89 SC  end of Levies-Storage Time.

She was a rebellious girl, not wanting to submit to societal rules and gender roles. She was the rider of Valed Darkness (besides the king) and practiced with swords when her mother wasn't looking. She was asked for her hand by Prince Par Fantill on her 13th birthday. After the maunstorz invasion of the Crystal Kingdom, she was left to die in the Aras Desert during the grueling march from the Crystal Kingdom to Xerconvith.

Crystine (Crystal military/cavalry)

Matar (picture shown); Age: 57 Height: 6'0" (182.88 cm) not much is known of the man, except that he was a war-veteran. (More to be revealed in book 3, Ancestors)

Others of Crystine mentioned: Wix (Second-in-command) and Lieutenant Madden

Valed Darkness

The Crystal's best stallion. He was known to never lose a race, whether a short or long-distanced one. He was also notorious for only letting King Lanar and Princess Zerra Starkindler ride him. Revealed in "Revelation" he had been a gift to Crystal along with the protection of a certain someone...


War courser sired by Valed Darkness and Blue Galeon (the only non-Crystal bred mare allowed to be mated to Vale). In the series, he is Zyanthena Sheev'arid's personal mount.


Matar's personal mount in the series. He is "elegant and graceful" like a ballet dancer but war-trained (as any war courser is) to fight in battle.

*Note on war horses: there are different levels of training/breeding of horses for purpose of military in Syre. Palfrey/light horses are used mainly for distance travel requiring stamina. Coursers were used for combat, but were also breed for distance travel and some for speed (aka: Unrevealed). Lastly are the heavy horses used only for battle to carry men in heavy armor. Heavy horses are seen more in the Southern Kingdoms of Syre, where warmer weather and summer contests are usually held. The Crystal Kingdom (like the three kingdoms of the North) does not breed heavy horses, except those used for plow-work on farms.


Age: (book 1, 110 SC) 17 Height: 5'8" Born: middle of Growing Time 93 SC.

An orphan who took up work as an apprentice farrier in Crystal. He was drafted into the Crystine as a farrier during Awakening"...through his journey, he becomes Khapta (apprentice) to Terrik Sheev'arid of the Sheev'anee [Tashek of Staria]. During book 2, "Revelation" he is given the care of the stone Seven (pearl)... More will be added as his adventures continue. (Spoilers saved!)


Royal House: Chivel

Current King/queen: (never met in series; queen was deceased; king dies in book 2)

Offspring:Derek (with a son: Miguel)

Lord Protector: Yory Seleg

Rubia is a kingdom made, mostly of grasslands and rolling hills. Its economy is in farming, especially fruit trees and grains.

Stone: Sheveth


Prince Derek Chivel

Only living heir of Rubia. Age: Height:



Yory Selig

Lord Protector of Prince Derek; and the prince's lover; Age: Height: Born:


Commander Ethan Kins

Other commanders mentioned: Commanders Tyk and Grant (Raven's Den); Liuetenant Commander Curtis Marx (under Comm. Kins)

Patrick Kins

Son of Commander Ethan Kins; is referred to as one of the "Six Companions". Age: Height: Born:

Elis Candero

Commander Ethan Kins's personal mount. Bred in Crystal Kingdom from sire Glorified


Patrick Kins's mount; a stallion from the Crystal Kingdom (given in book 1) and out of the same lines as his father's stallion.


Rubia's military. It consists mostly of foot soldiers, with some mounted officers.

Blue Haven

Royal House:

Current King/queen



Stone: Bellor


King Eldon

Age: Height: Born: