"Tomorrow will come too soon and yesterday will fall quickly behind, but no regret will be begotten from words spoken in haste from love." -- Helnesy, Awakening (Crystals of Syre book 1)

Welcome to the Characters page!

Cowherd's books are filled with a lot of diverse characters, so she wished to showcase them here from her notes on the books. The Crystals of Syre is first, with a very long section of its many characters.

The "Assassins' Guild of Obseen" characters follow. The section has been started and will continue to be expounded upon.

Note: this page is still undergoing construction. If there is a character(s) you have a particular interest in knowing more about, don't hesitate to contact Lindsey via the Author Contact on the Home page.

Other note: Lindsey has searched the web for drawings/pictures of people that are close to how she imagines the characters from her books to be. She does not own the copywrite to these images and does not take credit for them as her own; they are only for reference. Fans of the books are welcome to submit their own works for inclusion into these character bios and are encouraged to. In the perfect world, the author would be an artist, too, and could draw-to-life what she imagines.

Crystals of Syre

...there was a legend of eight Stones of Power that had been created to save the kingdoms of Syre...

Crystal Kingdom

Royal House: Starkindlers

Current king/queen: Lanar and Lestial

Offspring: Lance, Page, Zeek, Zerra

Crystal Kingdom is known for its hardy, mountain-born people. The Royal family makes most of its profits off of its horse breeding and war-stock, especially the prized stallion Valed Darkness.

Stone of Power: Ravel

Obelisk(s): Rast'enn

King Lanar

Age: 53 Height: 5'11" (180.34 cm) Born: middle of Flowering Time, 49 SC

Not much is mentioned of the king in the books, as he dies shortly into Awakening (book 1). He was a warrior-king and spent much time on the front lines of the Crystal Kingdom fighting the maunstorz. He married Lestial (a Crystine soldier's daughter) at the age of seventeen and they raised four children.

Prince Lance Starkindler

Eldest of the Starkindler offspring

Age (book 1, 102 SC): 19 years old

Height: 5'10" (177.80 cm) Born: end of Harvest-Gathering Time 83 SC

Known as a genius strategist, along with his friend, Prince Al'den Maushelik of Staria

...content to be continued as he reappears in later books...

 Page Starkindler (middle son)

Age (book 1, 102 SC): 17 years old;  Height: 5'7" (170.18 cm) Born: start of Flowering Time 85 SC          ***Spoiler alert***

He dies from injures sustained in the maunstorz' invasion of the Crystal Kingdom in 102 SC and does not appear in the series beyond the prologue of Awakening.

Prince Zeek Starkindler

Youngest son of Starkindlers; wielder of Ravel (Crystal Stone of Power). Age (book 2, 110 SC): 23 years old; Height: 5'10" (177.80 cm) Born: end of Deepest Snow 87 SC

Dark featured like his father (and unlike his other brothers) Zeek was seen as the "black sheep" of the family, though he was anything but odd. He was a very sweet and accommodating youth. In "Revelation", it is revealed that he is the wielder of Ravel but sides with the maustorz, especially their leader Zephthaniel. His motives of this have yet to be revealed (look for them in book 3, Ancestry)

Princess Zerra Starkindler

Youngest of siblings. Age (book 1, 102 SC): 13 years old;  Height: 5'2" (157.48); Born: 89 SC  end of Levies-Storage Time.

She was a rebellious girl, not wanting to submit to societal rules and gender roles. She was the rider of Valed Darkness (besides the king) and practiced with swords when her mother wasn't looking. She was asked for her hand by Prince Par Fantill on her 13th birthday. After the maunstorz invasion of the Crystal Kingdom, she was left to die in the Aras Desert during the grueling march from the Crystal Kingdom to Xerconvith.

Crystine (Crystal military/cavalry)

Matar (picture shown); Age: 57 years old; Height: 6'0" (182.88 cm)

Not much is known of the man, except that he was a war-veteran. (More to be revealed in book 3, Ancestry)

Others of Crystine mentioned: Wix (Second-in-command) and Lieutenant Madden

Valed Darkness

The Crystal's best stallion. He was known to never lose a race, whether a short or long-distanced one. He was also notorious for only letting King Lanar and Princess Zerra Starkindler ride him. Revealed in "Revelation" he had been a gift to Crystal along with the protection of a certain someone...


War courser sired by Valed Darkness and Blue Galeon (the only non-Crystal bred mare allowed to be mated to Vale). In the series, he is Zyanthena Sheev'arid's personal mount.


Matar's personal mount in the series. He is "elegant and graceful" like a ballet dancer but war-trained (as any war courser is) to fight in battle.

*Note on war horses: there are different levels of training/breeding of horses for purpose of the military and nobility in Syre. Palfrey/light horses are used mainly for distance travel requiring stamina. Coursers were used for combat, but were also bred for distance travel and some for speed (aka: Unrevealed). Lastly are the heavy horses used only for battle to carry men in heavy armor. Heavy horses are seen more in the Southern Kingdoms of Syre, where warmer weather and summer contests are usually held. The Crystal Kingdom (like the three kingdoms of the North) does not breed heavy horses, except those used for plow-work on farms.


Age: (book 1, 110 SC) 17 years old; Height: 5'8" (172.72 cm); Born: middle of Growing Time 93 SC.

An orphan who took up work as an apprentice farrier in Crystal. He was drafted into the Crystine as a farrier during "Awakening"...through his journey, he becomes Khapta (apprentice) to Terrik Sheev'arid of the Sheev'anee [Tashek of Staria]. During book 2, "Revelation" he is given the care of the stone Seven (pearl)... More will be added as his adventures continue. (Spoilers saved!)


Royal House: Chivel

Current King/queen: (never to be met in series; queen was deceased; king dies in book 2)

Offspring:Derek (with a son: Miguel)

Lord Protector: Yory Seleg

Rubia is a kingdom made mostly of grasslands and rolling hills. Its economy is in farming, especially fruit trees and grains.

Stone: Sheveth

Obelisk: Veth'aun

Prince Derek Chivel

Only living heir of Rubia. Age: (book 2, 110 SC)29 year old; Height: 5'7" (170.18 cm); Born: end of Deepest Snows 80 SC

Born sickly, he was the only offspring of King Chivel not to die within his first hours of life. Even by adulthood, he had a weak constitution. Despite such afflictions, he is a skilled fencer, as proven in "Revelation" during a fight with maunstorz (assisted by his lord protector). A lover of men, he did lay with one woman to sire a son, Miguel, to continue the family line.

Yory Selev

Lord Protector of Prince Derek; and the prince's lover; Age: (book 2) 32 years old; Height: 6'1" (185.42 cm) Born: beginning of Planting Time 78 SC)

Yory Selev was a street orphan taken in by the royal family to be Prince Derek's friend (age seven). As they grew up, Yory felt the need to protect his fragile prince and undertook extensive lessons in swordsmanship and hand-to-hand combat. He later was given the position of Lord Protector (age 16) and has been Prince Derek's man ever since. 

Commander Ethan Kins

Age: (Book 1) 59 years old; Height: 5'10" (177.80 cm);  Born: middle of Growing Time

A main mertinean commander in the books, he was advanced to rank of commander of the 8th battalion of the king's armies. At the end of book 1, King Maushelik of Staria asked his assistance in removing the population of the Citadel of Light southward to Kavahad. In book 2, he is seen as the main commander in charge of relaying messages from Kavahad to the armies of western Syre.

...to be cont. as books advance...

Other commanders mentioned: Commanders Tyk and Grant (Raven's Den); Liuetenant Commander Curtis Marx (under Comm. Kins)

Patrick Kins

Son of Commander Ethan Kins; is referred to as one of the "Six Companions". Age: (book 2) 28 years old Height: 6' (182.88 cm); Born: Middle of Deepest Snows 90 SC

Introduced as one of the six companions in the beginning of "Awakening", Patrick is along on the journey as a "soldier bodyguard" for the merchant Roland Seagold. Though trained in combat, he doesn't hold a soldier's position in the mertinean army, instead relying on his father's name to get around Syre. He and Jacen have been friends since a young age. At the end of book 1, he and Jacen Novano are elected to lead an expedition north of Syre, into the desert and mountains beyond the "Gap of the Forgotten". Book 2: he and Jacen are amassing their party in Sardon.

....to be added as books progress...

Elis Candero

Commander Ethan Kins's personal mount. Bred in Crystal Kingdom from sire Glorified


Patrick Kins's mount; a stallion from the Crystal Kingdom (given in book 1) and out of the same lines as his father's stallion.


Rubia's military. It consists mostly of foot soldiers, with some mounted officers.

Blue Haven

Royal House: Eldon

Current King/queen: King Jared Eldon; Queen Elise Tomino

Offspring:Jace, Eleen, 2 younger sisters

Blue Haven is the largest of Syre's kingdoms, with mountains to the north (once a part of Crystalynian), rolling hills and grasslands, and coast. The population mainly lives on the lower half of the kingdom where fruit/nut trees and dairy/vegetable farms are the main economic providers. Trade of teas with Sunrise are the next biggest money maker.

Stone: Bellor

Obelisk: Bel'falor

King Eldon

Age: 52 year old; Height: 5'7" (170.18 cm) Born: end of Flowering Time

Not introduced yet in series (seen in book 3, Ancestry)

Queen Elise

Age: 48 years old; Height: 5'2" (157.48 cm); Born: end of Levies and Storage Time

Not introduced yet in series (seen in book 3, Ancestry)

Prince Jace

Age: (book 2) 27 years old Height: 5'7" (170.18 cm); Born: middle of Deepest Snows 89 SC

First Guardsman: Jauken Lautvine

Heir of Blue Haven, the young man is viewed as very aristocratic and entitled. In book 2, Revelation, he takes one of his father's forces to the Crystal Castle and occupies it. In response, Zyanthena Sheev'arid teaches him a "lesson".

...more to add as series continues...

Princess Eleen

Age: (book 1) 24 years old;  Height: 5'4" (162.56 cm) Born: End of Snow Thaw 92 SC

Eldest of the king's daughters, she is the outcast of her family. In "Awakening", she takes 50 soldiers and her new Lord Protector Carrod Nexle to Staria to strengthen Blue Haven ties with the kingdom that offered a betrothal agreement to Blue Haven. Upon arriving, King Maushelik postponed his acceptance of her betrothal to his son, Al'den, leaving Eleen adrift in Staria. In Revelation, she is with the Starian court--moved to Kavahad.

...to be continued as series continues...

Lord Protector Carrod Nexle

Age: 26 years old; Height: 5'8" (172.72 cm) Born:end of Storage and Levies Time

Assigned to Princess Eleen upon her journey to Staria, Lord Carrod is the eldest of Lord Nexle, general of King Eldon's armies. He was asked to protect the princess on her long journey north and west.

Two Eldon-Tomino sisters (not mentioned yet)

Blue Haven Knights

Like men of southern Syre, the armies of Blue Haven are mainly foot soldiers and some knights.

Mentioned Havanese soldiers: First Guardsmen Jauken Lautvine (assigned to Prince Eldon), Commander Dorian Hartford, Captain John Corbus (serves under Hartford)

Jacen Novano

Age: (book 1) 26 years old;  Height: 5'10" (177.80 cm); Born: end of Flowering Time 90 SC

One of the "Six companions"; Son of former general of Blue Haven army Barret Novano

Jacen is on the journey as a "soldier bodyguard" for the merchant Roland Seagold, with his childhood friend, Patrick Kins.  He is an apprentice of a Havanese soldier but was on leave from his studies to compete at Deluge when they were commissioned for the job to Crystal. At the end of book 1, he and Patrick are elected to lead an expedition north into the desert and mountains beyond the "Gap of the Forgotten". In book 2: he and Patrick are amassing their party in Sardon.

...to be added to as books progress...

First Guardsman Jauken Lautvine

Put in place of a lord protector to His Highness Jace, he commands the prince's personal bodyguards

Commander Dorian Hartford

A part of Prince Jace's forces, he commands all of the highness's men when away from the King.

Other Haven soldiers: Capt John Corbus


Mare given to Jacen Novano in book 1, Awakening, by the Crystine forces in the Crystal Kingdom


Royal House: Maushelik

Current King/Queen: Merretham Dashen; wife (deceased)

Offspring: Al'den

Staria is a kingdom mainly composed of desert. Its people have etched out a life in the burning sands through tenacity. The great walled city and its Citadel of Light is the main location of the Starian people, though smaller towns, like Kavahad to its southern border and Port Al Harrod to its west coast, also house residents. Staria is mostly a warrior-state and protects Syre from invaders (aka maunstorz). Its wealth comes from its arts: pottery, leather works, woodwork [yellowwood], ironworks.

Stone: Amun


King Merretham Maushelik

Age: 72 year old; Height: 6'1" (185.42 cm) Born: Snow Thaw

A warrior king long injured from battles, he leads only by command, letting his only heir fight his battles. He is known to be a just king but always tows a hard line.

***spoiler alert*** he passes away in book 2, Revelation

Prince Al'den

Age: (book 1) 30 years old Height: 6'2" (187.96 cm); Born:  Flowering Time 86 SC

First Guardsman: Meeg Thorson

Heir of Staria and oldest of the princes/princesses of Syre.He is known as a genius war strategist (along with his friend, Prince Lance Starkindler). He leads every battle and was given the title "Prince of the Yellow Star" by the Sheev'anee. He has yet to take a bride (in book 2) and doesn't have any heirs.

Starian cavalry and army

Staria relies on light horse cavalry, foot soldiers, and archers for its combat strength. Prince Al'den usually leads the cavalry.

Soldiers mentioned:

Captain Sean Woodman (archers); Lieutenant commander Terrance (foot soldiers)


Prince Al'den's war charger, sadly meets his end during book 1. Like all warhorses, he was trained to take out the enemy with his hooves and feet; a very effective weapon.

Starian Court

Lords and ladies mentioned of the Starian court:

Lord William Greyson and his sister Lady Rosetta (pictured), Lady Diane Levine, Lady Selene Durrow, Lady Kaitlin Lepree,

Lady Rosa Quartlett, Lady Cataline LaCroix, Lord Zale Herth, Coltrin and Ainsley

Ms Saida Newdon

Madame at La Cont's; used by Roland Seagold to find information of the Ruby of Sunrise; she is an information broker and works within the black market of Syre.

Kavahad (city in Staria)

A city under rule of Staria, located in southeastern corner of kingdom; lands owned by the Shekmann lords, who control trade from Golden, Rubia, and Sunrise into Staria, as well as serve as another cavalry to the crown.

Lord-governor Darshel Shekmann

Age: (book 1) 28; Height: 6'1" (185.42 cm); Born: middle of Deepest Snows 88 SC

Ruler of Kavahad, he comes into the story in book 1, Awakening, when his men capture Tashek scout Zyanthena Sheev'arid during one of her runs back to the Crystine. Their fates are intertwined from there (mostly by fault of a contract between the Sheev'anee and Kavahad to avoid one another for past transgressions...)

Viscount Markus LaPoint

Friend of Lord Darshel Shekmann, he is first person to take command of Kavahad when the lord-governor is out. Markus is known as a rogue and womanizer in books.

Jeremy Freedman, also mentioned in books, is Markus's cousin.

Kavahadian cavalry

Commanders: Raic and Gordon

Others mentioned: Lieutenant Dawson, Cal...


Tano is Lord Darshel's personal mount in the books.


The nomadic Tashek horsemen of Staria (history says they have ancenstry in Crystalynian). They serve the Starian kings by choice not by vow. Current family head: Sheev'arid

*Note: only main characters are mentioned in this section, as there are a lot of Sheev'anee mentioned in books.


The leader of the Sheev'anee (real name never revealed as names are given up upon receiving title);

estimated age: 57 summers

Sheev'arid Terrik

Age: 24 summers; Height: 5'9" (175.26) Born: end of Snow Thaw

The Shi'alam's son who is in charge of the Sheev'arid forces under Commander Matar (Crystine). He is given Decond as his Khapta (apprentice in Guardianship) during book 1, Awakening and asked to train and assist him in retrieving the Stones of Power still lost to the people

Sheev'arid Zyanthena

Age: 21 summers; Height: 5'7" (170.18 cm); Born: Levies and Storage Time 88 SC

Adopted daughter to the Sheev'arid family. She was found in a camp of Nallaus (the Lost Ones; Tashek who refuse to align to rest of their people); was Guardian of the stone Vauldin.

Fate thrust her into the cross-hairs of Lord-governor Darshel Shekmann (an enemy man of the Tashek) where she refused to go through with a "deal" he proposed to free herself of his clutches. Instead, she chose to serve under him as a scout.

***Spoiler Alert***

End of book 1, Awakening, the stone Vauldin activates for her, saving her life and revealing she is the lost heir of Crystalynian and wielder of the obsidian.

Savam'eed En'ril

Age: 34 summers; Height: 5'9" (175.26 cm); Born: end of Flowering Time

One of the Guardians of the Oracle; cousin to the Shi'alam/Sheev'arids; his father is on of the kala serving the Shi'alam.

He and his khapta are tasked to help Decond and Terrik retrieve the last of the Stones of Power

Tai'lern J'iya

Khpata to Savam'eed En'ril; age: 17 summers.

He and his Guardian are tasked to help Decond and Sheev'arid Terrik retrieve the last of the Stones of Power.

Re'shaird Aerrisson

Age: 25 summers; Height: 5'11" (180.34 cm); Born: middle of Deepest Snows

Clan Sheev'arid, one of the scouts. He is assigned to ride with the Kavahadian cavalry at end of book 1, Awakening. He separates to warn Raven's Den of attacks against maunstorz forces. Book 2, Revelation shows him assisting Commander Grant's forces; helping them survive.

To be continued...

All'ani Cum'ar

Age: 28 summers; Height: 5'10" (177.80cm); Born: Growing Time

Leader of the All'ani; another clan of the Sheev'anee. He shows up at the Citadel of Light to profess Prince Al'den the "Prince of the Yellow Star" and that he will be the heir's Guardian. He helps Al'den defeat the maunstorz.

All'ani Lan'esha

Age: 25 summers; Height: 5'6" (167.64 cm); Born: Deepest Snows

Sister of All'ani Cum'ar and the clan's hawk-master. She comes to the Citadel of Light in book 2, Revelation. Later in book, she becomes Prince Al'den's lover.

To be continued...

Siv'arid Kor'mauk

Age: 29 summers; Height: 5'11" (180.34 cm); Born: end of Flowering Time

Nephew of Shi'alam and heir of Siv'arid clan. He asks Prince Par Fantill if he can be the heir's Guardian during the prince's trip to the Citadel of Light (book 1). He is carefree and fun-loving but also very smart.

To be continued...

Siv'arid Shaul'auna

Age: 23 summers; Height: 5'3" (160.02 cm); Born: middle of Growing Time

Niece of Shi'alam, sister to Kor'mauk.

She and her cousin are sent to Sardon in book 2, Revelation to help Patrick Kins and Jacen Novano assenble a team to travel north and try to find the maunstorz main city.

Siv'ala Kei'shki

Age: 26 summers; Height": 5'6" (167.64 cm); Born: Deepest Snows

Cousin to the Siv'arids and second to Shaul'auna (there as her "protector". She is one of clan Siv'arid's healers and goes where Shaul'auna goes.


Mount of Re'sharid Aerrisson; steel-grey

Horses are the Tashek's life source; therefore, they are main characters in their own rights.


Sheev'arid Terrik's first mount; bay


Sheev'arid Terrik's other mount; grey


All'ani Cum'ar's mount; chestnut


Prince Al'den is gifted Kesh after the battle around the Citadel of Light (book 1). The stallion becomes his regualar mount after that.

Kora sword

The Tashek blades are more curved than regular swords, light weight and with an irregular tip at the end. The deadly martial art She-koum-o (with ten levels to master) is the art they employ for battle and status.

Port Al-Harrod

Western port-city of Staria, it is only one on the ocean.

Governor Thornhoff

Man in charge of Port Al-Harrod; see book 1, Awakening

A pompous man, always one to try to impress those around him.


Royal House: Fantill

Current King/Queen: William; wife Kesnia

Offspring: Par; Celeste

Sealand is a coast-kingdom, so much of its money comes from seafood, as well as, grains and farming (in the interior). It has the largest ports of Syre and is the base for the Estarian religion.

Stone: Serein


King William Fantill

Age: 57 Height: 5'8" (172.72 cm); Born: beginning of Planting Time

Ruler of Sealand with his wife Kesnia; trying to help his son wield Serien, as he was former bearer.

Queen Kesnia

Age: 55; Height: 5'6" (167.64 cm); Born: end of Snow Thaw

Queen of Sealand; ruling equally with her husband (less common in southern kingdoms). Her goal is to keep courts in line and help her son find a wife (at least in books so far).

Prince Par Fantill

Age: 27 (book 1); Height: 5'9" (175.26 cm); Born: beginning of Levies and Storage Time 82 SC

Heir of Sealand and Serein; he acts as his father's war-leader in book 1, stationed at North Point to hold off maunstorz forces. He also acts as the kingdom's diplomat, traveling to Staria's Citadel of Light to keep relations healthy. Par has a strong sense of integrity and justice, thus his hesitation on using Serein in book 2, Revelation. His father asks he finds a wife, too, though he is stuck on the lost Princess Zerra Starkindler, whom he asked to marry him in book 1 (when they were age 19 and 13 respectively). His life is further complicated when he agrees to a courtship to a lady of the Sealand court, while also getting a cryptic message from Zyanthena Sheev'arid that the princess of Crystal is still alive...

To continue as books progress

Lord Gordar Farrylin

Age: 27 (book 1); Height: 5'10" (177.80 cm); Born: Flowering Time 82 SC

Cousin and Lord Protector to Prince Par Fantill. He has unique features of golden hair and eyes. Friend and protectorate to his cousin (in promise) for life, he is always at the Sealand heir's side, through thick and thin.

Princess Celeste

Age: 11 (book 2); Height: still growing...; Born: Growing Time

Younger daughter of Fantill's, spirited and unruly. She had been sent away to be "tutored" in etiquette, which still hasn't stuck...but was allowed back to see her brother upon his return to Fortress Opal.

Priest Anibus Farryl

Age: 26; Height: 5'7" (170.18 cm); Born: Deepest Snow

Cousin of the Fantills and raised by the royal crown after being orphaned at a young age. He was sent to West Port to become a priest of Estaria after he and his two cousins became a little too much to handle... He is one of the Six Companions in book 1, traveling to the Crystine (and other kindgoms) to try to get military support for Sealand against an unexpectedly large force of enemy maunstorz.

to be continued...


Priest Anibus's mount in the books; gifted to him by the Crystine of the Crystal Kingdom

Others subcharacters:

Ferris Galandres (sworkmaker, Prince Fantill studied under him making rapiers and swords.)

Lady Yvonne Limonte

Age: 22 (book 2); Height: 5'4" (162.56 cm); Born: beginning of Deepest Snow; her parents are Duke and Dutchess of Permonde

One of the ladies' of the Sealand court that Prince Par Fantill finally agrees to court for a season (if losing a bet counts as agreeing...); she loves to hunt and practice archery, making her seem "anything but a lady" to most of those in the ladies' court--which suits the prince more than any of his other suitors

To be continued...

Sealand infantry and navy

Those mentioned in the books:

Commander Averron (North Point)

Lieutenants Marcus and Terrance

Master Harkland (retired, naval captain and dockmaster, in charge of making the crown's naval vessels)

Estarian religion

The Eight Stars control the lives of the people of Syre in the books: Morning Star, Evening Star, Yellow Star, Red Star, North Star, South Star, White Star, Black Star

Roughly based on concepts of religions using Stars/numbers/colors as focal points: Native American, Egyptian, Wiccan, Buddism

Robes of office

Estarian monks wear blue or black robes, white stripes adorn nuns' robes.

Metioned Estarian priests/nuns:

Eminary Paulre Esquire

Nuns: Nadine, Cadene, Sari, Giselle, Catlene

Rosemary Myler

Age: 14 (book 2); Height: still growing; Born: end of Growing Time

In Book 2, her parents ask Priest Anibus to take her to West Port to be safe from atrocities of war.

To be continued...


Royal House: Argetlem

Current king/queen: Gregory Argetlem; queen (deceased)

Offspring: Kent (sole heir)

The Golden Kingdom is rich in farmland and livestock. It has the strongest economy of all the kingdoms, in thanks to the heir's genius use of funding/proper taxes.

Stone: Seven


King Gregory Argetlem

Age: 61; Height: 5'8" (172.72 cm); Born: beginning of First Snows

Not appearing in books much (except book 2 prologue) at this point. In book 1, he is seen shortly when Staria calls for aid; he sends his only son to assist them to keep kingdom relations.

To be continued...

Prince Kent Argetlem

Age: 26 (book 1); Height: 5'9" (175.26 cm); Born: end of Snow Thaw 86 SC

Only child to the king; he is a scholar/ leading economic of the kingdom, though he does know archery and does fight (when needed). Kent is the comic-relief of the royal princes/princesses, keeping things lighthearted when needed. He and Prince Al'den Maushelik hit off a friendship right away in book 1.

To be continued...

Lieutenant-commander Eric Sloane

Serving as lord protector to His Highness Kent Argetlem, as well as, leader of the prince's archers during trip to Staria (book 1); he dies from mortal wounds defending his prince during battle.

Lord-commander Nicol Ivance

Main commander of the crown's forces. His main post is in Sardon.

Other soldiers mentioned:

Lord Aerronson (advisor to king, former lord-commander)

Commander Charles Hadley (infantry/archers)

Colonel Jared Deed

Served under Lieutenant-commander Sloane; he is promoted to Lord Protector in book 2, following a bet and persistent requests by Prince Kent.

Golden archers/ infantry

Most of Golden's militia is made of archers and infantry, with some officers riding horseback. The long-bow was one of their most effective defenses.


Royal House: Sunrise

Current king/queen: King Raymond, Queen Sylvia

Offspring: Rowin (disputed heir); Connel

Sunrise is the kingdom of "rubies, trilliums, and gold". It is a land rich in grassland and trade-cities. The capitol lies on the coast. It is the most affluent of the kingdoms.

Stone: Kevel


King Raymond Sunrise

Age: 55; Height: 5'8" (172.72 cm); Born:  Growing Time

Appears shortly in book 1 as a king with a temper and dislike of the other kingdoms. He schemes with his son, Connel, to try to win Blue Haven's favor by getting Princess Eleen as his betrothed (from Staria).

In book 2, he has created an alliance with the maunstorz.

To be continued...

Queen Sylvia

Age: 53; Height: 5'6" (67.64 cm); Born: Deepest Snows

Barely introduced in the books (so far), she is at Princess Zerra's birthday party in book 1 but not really mentioned. To be continued in book 3. She is mother of both Rowin and Connel Sunrise

Prince Rowin Sunrise

Age: 26 Height: 6'0" (182.88 cm)  Born: beginning of Snow Thaw

The elder of the princes of Sunrise, he leads a precarious life of fighting for his position of heir. His father was the previous king of Sunrise, ousted from his thrown when Rowin was only 5 years old [to be clarified in book 3]. The prince is chivalrous and loved by the people of Sunrise. He is often off "playing soldier" (as his uncle says) and less often at the palace--though being constantly targeted for assassination does tend to create such avoidances. He usually travels Sunrise and Syre to experience the world. In book 1, he is searching for his father and the lost "Ruby of Sunrise". In book 2, he uses himself as a shield against the maunstorz when he, Connel, and Rio are taken prisoner. To be cont...

Prince Connel Sunrise

Age: 20 Height: 5'8" (172.72 cm) Born: end of Snow Thaw

The second prince of Sunrise; though disputed to become next heir, as he is King Raymond's son. He travels with Princess Eleen of Blue Haven in book 1 to put a wedge between her betrothal to Prince Al'den of Staria. He and Rowin get captured by the maunstorz on their return trip from Staria.

To be cont...

Lord Protector Rio Ravesbend

Age: 21 Height: 5'10" (177.80cm) Born: end of Planting Time

Lord Protector to Rowin Sunrise. His father is the main commander of Sunrise's northern armies. He and Rowin have been friends since a young age. Loyal to Rowin to a fault, he will do anything for his prince.

Lord Protector Elis Thorpson

Lord Protector to Prince Connel, book 1, Awakening

The prince keeps six royal guards with him at all times. Elis was a long-time protector of the crown.

Commander Loris Ravesbend

Commander of Sunrise's northern forces (at Command Front); he had been the lord protector to King Richard before he was ousted from his reign, hence why their sons are so close. He was given the post farthest from the capitol after Raymond took control but was able to retain his position as a commander in the army.

His second-in-command is Bradon (book 1)

Sunarian forces are mainly footmen and cavalry, with some archers. Knights are common in their ranks, too.

Sage Cooper

Age: 19; Height: 5'6" (167.64 cm) Born: beginning of Harvest-Gathering

Prince Rowin's personal slave (book 1); though the prince treats him more as a friend than servant. Only Sunrise has slaves. *Spoiler: he does not make it at end of book 1

Blue Galeon

Prince Rowin brings this mare to the Crystal kingdom in book 1, Awakening. She is dame to Unrevealed, the stallion Zyanthena Sheev'arid rides. To be reunited with her owner in the future? Maybe.


Royal House: Xraxrain (x=z sound)

Current king/queen: King Trev'shel, Queen Kestral (both deceased)

Offspring: Verrin, Arrez

Once the seat-head of Syre, the kingdom still retained its status as being the first until its fall in 89 SC. It was a kingdom set in the high mountains, making its people hearty. They were known for their horse husbandry skills and superior military power. The town Bil'cordys, north of Crystanian Palace, was home to their militia.

Stone: Vauldin

Obelisk: Van'allier

King Trev'shel

Originally a Tashek of Staria, he married into the Xraxrain family and took Kestral's (second princess) name. They were promoted to rulers when the princess's elder sister passed away in childbirth. Trev'shel was a tenth level she-koum-o practitioner, one of only twelve in the Sheev'anee. He was a great warrior-king.

Queen Kestral

Second princess to the throne until her elder sister passed. She had an interest in the Tashek colture, hence why she eventually met and married Trev'shel. Wielder of Vauldin, she was a force to be reckoned with. However, when both the love of her life and her son, Verrin, were killed during the maunstorz attack on Crystanian, she tried to use the obsidian stone to bring them back to life (forbidden majik). Instead, the stone created an earth-shattering  quaking that brought the kingdom to ruins. In book 2, Zyanthena comes to find out that Kestral's soul is trapped in Vauldin (as penitence).

Prince Verrin

Seventeen years his sister's senior, he assisted his father on the battlefield--and dies defending Crystanian from the maustorz invasion. Queen Kestral tried to bring him back to life. He was later laid to rest in a tomb in Rubia by his betrothed Princess Marinna Chivel.

Princess Arrez: (see Zyanthena Sheev'arid)

The wolves of Crystanian

Book 2 introduces the Guardians of the palace: Alpha: Swift Hunter, mate: Moon Ember, Beta: Long Scar, others: Howler, Autumn, Too Soon, Tiny, Quiet Stalker, and Silent

Maunstorz (People of Xercon)

Orgin: to be revealed in book 3, Ancestry

Word "maunstorz" comes from ancient Syrean spelling for monsters [pronounced the same] or creatures of white hair, red eyes, and guttural speech. People of Xercon is what they call themselves

The word magic is written "majik" at certain times for this same reason.

(Xercon'vlr) Zephthanial

Age: 38; Height: 5'8" (172.72cm) Born: Levies and Storage Time

Leader of the maustorz. He appears in book 2 when speaking with Zeek Starkindler. Not much is reavealed yet about this man or his reason for attacking Syre. Sometimes, he dyes his hair black just to be different...

To be cont...

(Seka'vlr) Mansocan

Age: 37; Height: 5'9" (175.26 cm) Born: end of Deepest Snows

Leader of the Xerconian armies. In book 2 he has captured Princes Rowin and Connel Sunrise, Prince Derek Chivel, Rio Ravesbend, Yory Selev and taken the Red Palace. He is the main maunstorz introduced in the books thus far.

To be cont...

(Seka) Rokell

Age: 17; Height: 5'7" (170.18 cm) Born: Flowering Time

First leader under Mansocan; Rokell is Mansocan's son. Just introduced in book 2, he is at the Sunlight Palace to keep a rein on King Raymond.

(Seka) Silvarron

Age: 29; Height: 6'3" (190.50 cm); Born: Deepest Snows

Second leader of the Xerconian armies. He was stationed at Raven's Den. Commander Grant's men, with Re'shaird Aerrisson, have a face-off in book 2, Revelation. His crow's name is Kautch.

(Seka) Chornauk

Age: 32; Height: 6'4" (193.04 cm); Born: end of Levis and Storage

Third leader of the armies. He works directly under Mansocan at the Red Palace. He was the one to bring the Sunarian princes to his leader.

(Seka) Nan'an

Fourth leader of the Xerconian armies. He is not mentioned in the books yet; however, he is the leader still in Staria with Zephthanial and Zeek Starkindler

(Seka) Chaenyeu

Fifth leader of the Xerconian armies, he is stationed at the Command Front with the Sunarian forces. Barely mentioned in the books, he does pursue Prince Rowin and the men he rescued from the Command Front; however, he meets a bad end against Sheev'arid Zyanthena and the stone Vauldin.

*spoiler averted

jagged swords

The maunstorz are vicious fighters; in fact, their entire culture is based on warfare. Their swords are especially evil, in that they inflict maximum damage. The armies march everywhere on foot and can cover great distances in a time the Syreans had thought impossible.


The city where the maustorz are to be from. Not addressed yet in the books but mentioned very briefly in the prologue of book 1, Awakening. To be cont...

Ideas for places in the books.

Azure Palace, with a moat, in Havanese blue and silver tones. Beside it, is the Crystal Castle at dusk. Darker tones, colder, stonework.

The inspiration for Crystanian Palace, with the rivers and waterfall that protect its three sides. Only the northern end doesn't have a natural boundary. To the far right is Seaside Fortress Opal.

Inspiration for West Port (Anibus visits it in book 2, Revelation). It's where the main Estarian cathedral is located. Beside it, is the inspiration for the high walls of the Citadel of Light.

Inspiration for the suditorium in Staria and the standing yellowwood forests to its north, on the right.

Inspirations for the Red and Golden Palaces. Rubia and Golden Kingdoms.

Inspirations for the Sunlight Palace and the gilding of gold/opulence inside.

Assassins' Guild of Obseen

Of all the books the author has written, this series is by far the most controversial.

Readers either really love them or hate them.


Set in the future, Star Date era, the series runs along lines of a dystopian action-adventure, mixed with some martial arts concepts, and undertones of darkness and intrigue. Some readers contest that the books should not be called "assassin" books at all but more along the lines of "ninja" books. The author counters this belief. She says, "if you actually take time to read the books you would know that the planet is designated a prison planet for descendants of assassins who had the choice to either evolve their society or kill themselves off. My characters/clansmen chose the former option. Thus, the society became one immersed in martial arts/fighting concepts and ideals. The UEF (United Earth Forces) military group of the series continued to call the people of Obseen "assassins" even if most do not follow their ancestors' original trade--hence the name: the Assassins' Guild of Obseen."


The books are inspired from concepts of Asian story-lines: Japanese anime (especially samurai), Chinese historical dramas, Korean dramas... thus, the author notes that the tone is different than most American readers are used to. "These cultures like to stretch your imagination, combining ideas based on reality with those that are very much not factual. They also are based more on the emotional feel of the stories and how the characters feel during their ordeals than just going through the actions. This has always appealed to me more than America drama/action stories. These characters are human. They are flawed. Some even have PTSD from fighting. I didn't want to write characters who were only powerful or kick-ass. I wanted them real."


"And, yes, I do know how to spell obscene. I was taking poetic liberties with Obseen and made a play on the spelling."

Below are the characters that appear the most in the books:

Zanishiria Coursay'sora

Aliases: Novastone, Shiria Syék’ana; San Novano

Name translation: zane=black; shira=jewel; coursa=darkness/underworld; sora=heart (black jewel; the heart of the darkness)


Obsarian Age: 17 (book 1: Cost of Redemption)

Height: 5’5” (165.1cm) Weight: 125lbs

Defining Characteristics: black hair, slate eyes, ambidextrous

Clan: Las’wa (Lakean)

Family: Ze’is, Mei’cor Coursay’sora (both deceased); Art’or Coursay’sora (brother); Air’is Soreneay (uncle)

Master: Tyracor (prev’aron seivier); others: Master Judeo Quinn; Master Vidan Silva

Class: val’eya (assassin; Las’wa); prev’aron (whip master, Las’wa)

Specialized Weapons: preshair whip, shée fans, katana


Zanishiria is the main female-lead of the series. She has lived a life of hardship; her parents died when she was four, then, she thought her brother was killed (prequel book) only to find he had become a part of the Honoreds group--who are an oppositional force to the main Guild. She also loses the master who raised her. The series follows her as she matures from the 14 year old who kills the emperor controlling the Assassins' Guild (prequel) to becoming one of the renowned assassins of Obseen.

Seircor C'vail

Nickname: Praic (means constancy; Zan calls him her "forever friend")

Name translation: sei'en= swift; cor=dark; vail=warrior (adding C' means to "claim the trade/skill of...")


Obsarian Age: 20 (Book 1)

Height: 5’10” (177.8cm) Weight: 158 lbs.

Defining Characteristics: black hair, dark-steel-grey eyes

Clan: Las’wa (Lakean)

Family: Kauri C’vail; father deceased; sister Kraiy (deceased)

Master: (not mentioned)

Class: val’eya (assassin; Las’wa)

Specialized Weapons: Creeshts sword, daggers


Seircor is the childhood friend to Zanishiria. He appears in and out throughout the series and is usually at his best friend's side.

Tarin Saerric

Obsarian Age: 20

Height: 6’1” (185.4cm) Weight: 160lbs

Defining features: golden-blond hair, ice-blue eyes; considered “model-handsome”

Clan: Neitiege

Family: not mentioned

Master: Master Teera Sabina

Class: Senior Master of Taysor; master

Specialized Weapons: Neitiegic sword


Tarin is the youngest Senior Master to ever lead the Assassins' Guild. He was chosen not for any mastery of skills but for his ability to stay imparitial to opposing clan factions after the Emperor Manscor was killed (prequel); post-Royals' War reqired such a leader to keep the factions from another civil war and to pave-the-way for new codes to come into affect. His road as Senior Master was not one without difficulties; however, in the end, Tarin comes to prove himself worthy of such a title.

Shane Sinhail

Obsarian Age: 20

Height: 6’2” (187.96cm) Weight: 165lbs

Defining features: dark chestnut hair, azure-blue eyes, “rugged” features; old scar on his chest

Clan: Trayshan

Family: Tearrie and Tyre Sinhail; oldest of nine siblings

Master: Master Vidan Silva

Class: assassin; beynor (heir) of clan

Specialized Weapons: twin traznic katanas= Trez’ek and Sin’eril (thunder and lightning); archery


Being son of the Beynor and Berris of Traygor, Shane was already viewed as a talented youth and full of prestige before he was ever accepted into the Guild's training center at Taysor [capitol of planet]--of which only the best of the planet are allowed to enter. The charismatic Trayshan is never one to back off from opportunities to prove himself, however. In book one, he makes a statement with his archery skills and swordsmanship...to be continued as series progresses.